Using our online loan application, you can take your time and complete your application whenever it’s convenient for you. And, you can always save your work and come back and complete it later if you need to.

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Documents Needed: 

By law, I cannot require you to provide any documentation for a pre-qualification, but you can volunteer it if you want. The following is a list of documents typically used for a pre-qualification.  To expedite the processing of your loan, we request that you securely email or fax all forms and documentation that is listed below prior to your consultation. We value confidentiality, and can send you a secure email that you can attach all items to. Just let us know when you are ready with your documents and we can send you a secure link to upload your documents. 

·         W2s for the most recent two years

·         Complete tax returns for the most recent two years

·         Paystubs covering the most recent 30 days

·         Bank statements for the most recent and consecutive 60 days. ALL PAGES.

·         Photo copy of valid U.S. picture ID (Driver’s License, passport)

·         Asset account statements for the most recent and consecutive 60 days (IRA, 401K, Investment accounts, etc.) ALL PAGES.

·         Human Resource contact information for employment verification

·         Homeowner’s insurance agent contact information

If Applicable:

·         Bankruptcy papers (including all pages and discharge paperwork)

·         Divorce decree or child support court order


·         Most recent mortgage

·         Home insurance declaration page

·         Most recent HOA statement (if Applicable)


·         Copy of earnest money check, once you’re in contract.

·         RENTERS ONLY: Contact information for your current property manager. If you’re renting from a private landlord, please contact our team and we’ll let you know what is needed.

If self-employed:

·         Complete business tax returns for the most recent two years